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Oh I cried reading about how amazingly patient Kevin was with the trail a bike thingy.  RUNNING around, pushing the bike?  What a gem, that guy.

And I almost cried again when you wrote "LYING on the beach".  You, my friend, are one of the few Americans left that knows how to use that verb correctly.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Deep congrats for getting to keep your job.  I wish I were (was?  oh dear) one of your art students.  And one of Sarah's English students, too--and if I had emotional or learning problems, (if?  ha!), I wish Jen could test me.


Congratulations!!! Your school is so fab. I love that you and Maggie can both really be part of that community.

I'm in the middle of the last week (ish) celebrations right now. Trying to get paperwork done. Of course, the celebrations are much more fun. Even though its 55 degrees and windy and cloudy.

Jane, I'm heading to the 6th grade LRC (Special Ed.) party right now. One girl with Asperger's already said she was going to cry at the party- because she doesn't want to go to middle school. Her teacher said, "You're going to love middle school!- and she said, "No I'm not." And she won't. SHe's a big, awkward, geeky kid. *sigh* There's only so much I can do for these kids and sometimes it breaks my heart. Summer cannot come too soon...


Maybe she'll find some other oddballs to bond with . . . Karen was terrified of high school and seems to have adjusted ok.  But yeah, it's hard when we know the kids are going to have a tough time.  Sigh.


Yay to the job continuing!!!  And correct grammar!  And plans for what looks to be a fantasy summer.  I want more pictures of family awesomeness.

Corndog Queen

Jane, I am looking in to seeing if Kevin will in fact push ME for the bicycle portion of the triathalon. Now THAT would be true love. 

Corndog Queen

Our school has a higher than average share of aspbergers kids. I think it is because we are a small school, and the kids all get to know each other. And they just get used to the way they all are. Since they are together so long. Middle school isn't such a scary thing. Afterall, there is just one class of 6th graders, one of 7th graders and one of 8th graders. Of course, when High school hits, the reality is going to be jolting....

Corndog Queen

Oh Gesine, you don't even know what you are asking. If you want family photos, I could cover you in an avalanche of those. It is a tiny bit embarrassing how much I document. What I put on the blog is only a fraction of what I have recorded...

I think YOU need to put up some photos. Especially of the Dowager Queen Pandora. How is she?

Windy City

Man, elementary life is so different than high school life!  No one is partying.  They are just happy to be rid of the kids! Senioritis is not fun!  

Glad your job got figured out for next year.  It sounds like it's a perfect situation for you.  

Looking forward to seeing you in 2 short weeks!

San Diego Girl

Congrautlations on finishing the year with a bang (whew!) and getting it all squared away for next year.  Sounds perfect.  Have a fabulous time traveling the Midwest, and I can't wait to read all about it!

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