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Oh I get it now!  With the description.  I totally see the puppy dog face in space #3!  Very cool, Miss Maggie!

Excellent about the comics, both reading them and creating them.  Although I must tell you, they are now called GRAPHIC NOVELS.  My last teacher at UVA was really into them (he's a boy) and they are wonderful.  There are a zillion of them now, many non fiction and based on true events, people, etc.  A gold mine for esl teachers.  ;)

Windy City

Good for Maggie!  Kevin is such a great dad!  

Julie's boys

My boys love Calvin and Hobbs, too.  Last summer they came back from the library with the whole Calvin and Hobbs library.  It kept them busy for hours, but they ended up with all sorts of horrible ideas for pranks to play on their dad. Oh well.

I love seeing the videos of Kevin and Maggie.  He is such a good Dad!  And I love seeing how happy he is, all of the time.  Thank you, thank you, for all of the joy you have brought to my brother's life!

Corndog Queen

Julie, thank you for your sweet comment. He (and his whole Campbell side of the family) have brought much joy into my life, as well!

I really hope that Maggie doesn't get any bad ideas from Calvin and Hobbes. We have about 10 of them on hold at the library...

Corndog Queen

Oh, right, yes "graphic novels". Very hip. I love graphic novels. I didn't discover them until my 20s. They are so great. And yes, good for ESL as well!

San Diego Girl

That Maggie, she's a charmer!  I would even do throw-ups with that face... Happy Father's Day to a wonderful daddy!

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