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Oh Natalie.  What a beautifully written life story.  And what an amazing man your father was--what a loving, generous person--when I think of him, I picture him smiling.  Or singing.  Just full of love and life. 

I'm glad he was in his own bed.  I'm glad you were there with him. 

But I'm so sad for you and your family.  I'm sending you my love and a couple thousand hugs. 


Much love to you and your family.  Beautiful parting words for you dad.  Big hugs and lots of love and prayers.


Your dad sounds like he was a truly amazing man, and I know you will miss him a lot.  Hugs to you and your family.


Beautiful obit, Nat, and what a great life he led.  My aunt read it aloud to my mom and me.  I look forward to representing our little group on the 28th.  And as Kirsten put so well, I'm glad you were there, too, but I'm still so very sad for you and your family.


I dont' have the words to express what I feel.  Much love to everyone.  I'm glad you were there and were able to have the time with him that you did.  

I will actually be in town on the 28th and will come join you guys.  

Windy City

Nat, I'm so sorry for your family's loss.  Your father was a wonderful man.  What a beautiful obituary.  I didn't realize all that he had done.  What a life.  We should all be so lucky.  

I'm thinking about and praying for all of you.  Love you.

Corndog Queen

Anne Marie, I am so pleased that you can come. That means a lot to me. I do believe it will be Quite the to do! (My father had it all planned out....of course!)

Corndog Queen

Jane, thank you. I am so glad you can come. You have been such a good, supportive, caring friend through all of this. I feel so lucky that you were in Arlington, and could be there for me when I needed you. 

Corndog Queen

Thank you DeAnna, for all of your kind thoughts. And also, thank you for taking care of my little Campbell family contingent on the West Coast while I am gone. Babysitting and dinner for Kevin and Maggie on two different nights?! What a gift. 


We always love visiting with all of you, and Maggie had a great time with the kids.   

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