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Windy City

What a beautiful piece.  I've never read that one before.  Perhaps I'll use it this year. Natalie, there is nothing wrong with crying at a memorial service.  No one expects you to be perfect or read anything perfectly.  You have lost your father. I think people would think it strange if you didn't cry.  Do what you can.  

I wish you weren't dealing with the start of school as well.  Unless it's a welcome distraction.  Don't work too hard.  Everything will eventually fall into place.  Call if you need a shoulder, ok?


Oh my GOSH.  I had to skip over the poem the first time I read this post b/c I knew it would be hard for me to read.  But I pushed myself this time and went for it, so of course, now, I'm crying.  It's beautiful!!  But yes, I think you and David made the right decision to switch to something else.  And how great that he loved your post about him!!  I bet he's still loving it now, where ever he is.

LOVE YOU and your family. 

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