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Go strong woman go.  I am so proud of you and so impressed with the healthy choices you're making about handling things during this shitty time.  You are taking such great care of yourself!  I'll miss you next week.  ;(


Go Nat Go!  

Windy City

Natalie, you can do anything you put your mind to.  And remember, no one is racing against you. You are there for yourself and no one else.  Slow down when you need to slow down, and stop when you need to stop.  I am so proud of you. I sent you a card to your mom and dad's house.  It should be waiting for when you arrive.  I'm thinking of you all the time, my friend.


Much love to your dad and mom.  It's such a tough time and you spending time there is great.  There's nothing more important in life than attending to the dying.

But it's equally important that you've found a personal focus and a challenge.  I am so impressed at the whole "swimming in the ocean" thing and just biking for any amount of time is huge (it is to me, at least).  The running, it will come.  Read Born to Run already.  It'll give you a boost.  and make sure you aren't striking with your heel.  

Corndog Queen

Sarah,   thank you for your note, It was waiting for me when I got here, and it was a real mood lifter. 

And as far as "racing" other people....ha! Don't you worry. I just want to FINISH the thing. I am not doing this thing to get a good time.

 I just want to not die. Or get eaten by a sea lion. Or really, touched by anything in the ocean. I told my mom's friend I would be in the pacific ocean and she proceeded to tell me three... I repeat, THREE stories of people who were recently eaten by sharks in the ocean. Uh...hello? Not helpful!

Corndog Queen

Gesine, thank you for all that you have said on the subject of dying. It is true -- that this is the most important thing. To be here for this. To hold his hand. And to to hold my mother and brother's hands. It has brought us all so much closer. And that is a blessing. 

And as for running... will it really get better? Really? I just read your entry about running for Helga. And  it inspired me. But also made me wonder if I am doing something wrong, to not like running. I just...I hate it. And I am not in pain or anything. I just don't like it.  

Today I biked next to the potomac as the sun was coming up. Right on Mount Vernon Trail. Near where we rowed crew. And it was glorious. With the Sun making the water this pearly shade of yellow and orange. And the turtles basking on the tree branches along the banks. My heart broke open a little bit at the beauty. Maybe if I ran there? But DAMN it is hot. Like a sauna. I don't think I can take it. 


Running technique can help how you feel about running.  If you're landing on your forefoot instead of your heel (not too far up on the balls but more towards the middle as if you were running barefoot), it becomes a lot more like running as a kid.  Keep your head up, stand very straight, make sure you have relatively rapid turnover (long strides bad) and keep this mantra in your head "easy."  It should feel easy.  That said, conditioning makes a hug difference, so as you get in better and better shape, the running will come as will the runner's high.  But that said, it doesn't HAVE to be fun for everyone.  But you should make it more enjoyable.  More importantly, modern running shoes have screwed us up and the way we run, so learning HOW to run is important too.  Google Chi running or POSE running and there are videos and instructions on running properly.  I ran like a complete idiot for years and through marathons.  I'm much happier now that I'm not driving all my weight down and stopping through my heel but gliding with efficiency.  Well, I'm not sure how great a glider I am but I'm trying.

So happy you are there.  I know it's hot as hell but there really isn't a beautiful city better suited to biking and running around all the beauty.  I can't wait to see DC again.  And your family has you there, which is the most wonderful part of it.

Corndog Queen

Gesine, I will checkout that book. And try the mantra "easy".  But for now, I am imagining that my "born to run" style might look a little something like Phoebe in Friends  And actually, that makes me happy. 


OH lord sounds like I've been running wrong too.  Back when I ran track in high school I remember being told to land on my heels and I've been doing so ever since!  But it feels fine and I LIKE running (unlike some people!) so . . .  PS Nat yesterday was not hot!!  But today was . . . 


Oh man--that video of Phoebe made me laugh my face off.  That's exactly how I look.  :-)

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